I See You...

  • You’re struggling with navigating all the resources for how to conceive naturally.

  • You’ve already invested time and energy googling, tracking, mechanically "trying" without any success.

  • You’re worried about your timeline, the constant reminders of how you have a ticking clock yet no answers how to actually help your situation...

  • Deep down you feel like you're broken...

  • You’re comparing yourself to the other people in your life who seem to get pregnant without trying, you feel happy for friends when they get pregnant but also feel sad because again it isn't you...

But you don’t have anyone in telling you what you can do to help your situation. It is all simply "keep trying", then your next step in the very expensive, emotional and physically draining process of IUI or IVF.

Sleepless nights worrying about if it's just not going to happen, confronting how your body is feels like it's failing and the incredibly isolating, loneliness that can come with that, can you afford the next step, can your relationship manage the next step...well, we know there's a LOT on your plate.

If you're looking to have some hope that there is STILL SOMETHING YOU CAN DO and that there is potentially a root cause to your struggles. We are here for you.

An expert to help you take a deep dive to help you uncover any potential hidden root causes to your infertility...

  • Access to meal plans( recipes, grocery lists and education WHY it's healthy and what it's doing for you) content, templates, checklists and how-to's tailored by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. You will be confident you're making the right choices for you and actually doing "all the things" to optimize and enhance your fertility.

  • A supportive community you can connect with and share the intimate experience of navigating infertility, growing a human and transitioning into motherhood ( or expanding your family). No more feeling isolated and alone. We got you!

  • Online Hypnotherapy and mindfulness you guide you through the emotional and spiritual side of this process. Your mindset and the narrative you're telling yourself is pivotal in your success.

  • And, your own trauma informed care team(Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Clinical Counseller, Naturopath) to call on with your burning questions. You will never feel you are in the dark or utter the phrase "did I really do everything I could?".

I know you might think it isn't possible and I get it, but what's stopping you from becoming your best, healthiest self knowing it is for your baby. That is your WHY.

But you're ready to embrace this season and create the pregnancy experience you hope for.

And my friend, this is ALL possible.


Fuel your body. Your body is truly amazing and when we give it the tools it needs, it is a machine. uncovering nutritional deficiencies is crucial to overall wellness, especially fertility. Eliminating what does not help the body thrive and amplifying WHAT IT NEEDS TO OPTIMIZE PROCREATING.


Fill your mind. What we fill our minds with, will ultimately become what we believe, how we think of ourselves and THE NARRATIVE WE HOLD ONTO. Our self talk, what we consume on social, our environment AND RELATIONSHIPS will have a huge impact on our mental health. It is so important to be aware of this and take care of our mental wellness.


Feed your spirit. You can eat all the right food, exercise like a boss but still not be at the height of your wellness if you don't take your spirit into account. What lights you up? What bring you joy, laughter, the ooey gooey goodness in life? opTIMIZING OUR HEALTH AT A CELLULAR, SOULFUL LEVEL requires that you indulge in this area. It is a make or break. If you don't have a community to lean on, that's ok, we got you. Join our community and you'll feel right at home.

You want to do everything you can to get pregnant right?...

Mind body soul, you're in it to do an overhaul of everything to be your healthiest self!

You want the meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, guidelines, templates, checklists on how to reduce your toxin load and address some emotional "stuff" impacting your wellness.

You want the assurance you're doing it right and making the healthiest choices for you and your family.

This program is your assurance at your fingertips. Your chance to feel that peace, ease and community you hope for.

You can have the pregnancy you for. It is possible.

This offer includes

  • Step by step guide in how to explore root causes to your fertility issues

  • Hands on support in acquiring the testing required in finding hidden pieces to your fertillity

  • Weekly meal plans with recipes and grocery lists included

  • Templates and checklists to get you started, keep you on track, help organize your journey

  • Trauma informed practice to support the psychospiritual aspect to this process

  • Biweekly calls with your group to ensure you're receiving the support and community to help you maintain your mental well being throughout the process

  • Access to Zoom calls every week!

...Plus MORE

  • High touch access to support for the duration of the 4 months

  • Expert series- here you have access to other experts in the industry! All here to help you prepare.

  • Bonus experts added to each hub

  • Lifetime product & supplement discounts

  • Workshops and retreat discounts for all clients


"You truly changed my life. You'll never know how huge this life change has been for me. I needed a little boost to start but honestly, I'm so empowered. You'ze a beautiful queen and I love you and your incredible heart for all of this."


"Highly recommend checking this souls site, If you've ever thought about seeing someone, she is absolutely wonderful!! She's helped me in so many ways."


"Lindsey is a gift. She has supported my fertility journey including pregnancy and loss and ART for our second child. Her holistic approach was fundamental to supporting my reproductive system, mental health and physiological response to the hormones. I can't say enough about the wisdom she brings, but also the incredible human she is."

You are definitely in the right place if...

You are looking for answers and willing to take a deep dive into root causes

You want support with your journey into motherhood

You firmly believe there is more you can explore and want a step by step guide to do so

You are definitely NOT in the right place if...

You are not looking for a community to be part of

You prefer to not take a holistic approach to your journey

You feel you have all the answers already and are not willing to come with an open mind and heart

Hi I'm Lindsey...

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Mama of 2/ social worker. I have melted these three roles together to create the ultimate approach to your fertility experience. I am here to help you take control of the outcome of your journey. You do not have to feel broken, alone or isolated, as you still have the tools to create the healthiest, fully primed body, prepared to make that baby. My work as a nutritionist, a mother of two and someone who had their own fertility struggles has taught me A TON about how to navigate fertility, pregnancy and postpartum like a boss and I'm here to change the world one baby and mother at a time. Nice to meet you and thank you for trusting me.

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A lifetime's worth of women's lived experiences, expert advice, and

A pregnancy journey almost as wonderful as the gift on the other side ...

A lifetime of happy memories from this precious

season of your life versus the anxiety and anguish that society normalizes...

You deserve the best kept secrets that the experts lean on themselves

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I can't wait to meet you and join you on this amazing journey into motherhood!